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Cordsycords. Later twenties. I became a nerd against my mother's wishes.

Full-time programmer in web and mobile development. Need some outlet to do the thing that I love, and with a bit more control over my codebase than I have in the workplace. I swear there will be actual content here soon.



Work Drama! Hooray! Check under programming tab.


~More Content~ under the Programming tab. Go read about my new techstack.


Hahahaha. Here I am. Back from the dead. With absolutely no new content whatsoever. However, I did decide to redo everything I've already done using a different techstack. Yes, I could have done anything I wanted to using just plain old HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but do I really want to do that? Fuck no. It's 2022 baby. I've spent the past year of my life learning how to code in React, and I only get to apply that knowledge to mobile development (shudder). So I've left the trappings of all that behind and switched this project to use Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and (bless) TypeScript. Sexy. Everything looks (almost) exactly the same, but it's just a bit shinier now. Expect some posts in the near future about this whole process that I just undertook, because I've had a grand old time doing it.