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About Me

Cordsycords. Later twenties. I become a nerd against my mother's wishes.

I've been working as a programmer for four years now in mobile and full-stack web development. I'm hoping to use this page as a repository for some more creative programming-related projects, as well the occasional special interests I have.



Back again with another update! Finally got that character sheet up, and dreading trying automate making it with the minimal techstack I'm using right now. I also noticed that my dice page loads very slowly, and sometimes the pictures don't load at all, so I'm thinking of moving it to a carousel that loads the pics on demand rather than one big page. Expect that soon.

Also, added a feedback form below. Let me know your thoughts on the site!


Content Ahoy! I've built some stuff under the TTRPGs tab. Sprout is my current DnD PC, so I'll be posting updates from the campaign there under the "Journal" tab. I'm also going to try and make a character sheet for her using pure HTML. That's going to lead into my first programming project (hopefully) which will be a sheet-generator for those wanting to put something like that up on their pages without a bunch of hassle.

I've also added a section for pictures of all of the dice I own. There's not anything particularly Special about them, I just think they're neat. I'm thinking about adding a scoring system for visitors, but I'll need some sort of backend to store all the data. I have an old Raspberry Pi floating around, so I'm looking into if I can set up a simple Node.js server with a MySQL database.

Stay Tuned!